Win 10 Anniversary Update

The update to Windows 10 called the Anniversary Update or update 1607 has been rolling out since the beginning of August and is gradually working its way through Windows 10 installs.  It contains all the previous updates and fixes plus some new features although at first glance I noticed only a few cosmetic changes e.g. login screen scrolls and the Start button now includes all the applications as a list.  I’m sure there are lots more features and fixes but as long as it works or, more importantly, doesn’t stop other bits from working then I’m OK with it.

The one thing to watch out for though is the time it takes to actually install it.  Since most people enable automatic updates then the large download is done in the background so that when you decide to shut down your machine you will be prompted about installing it.  This part of the process isn’t too bad or too long.  However, when you next power up the machine the application of the update can then take quite some time.  While this happens you cannot log into the machine so it’s a case of patience until it finishes.  On one of my machines this was in excess of an hour.

Once updated and ready to log in there is yet another wait to be productive as the machine has to ‘set things up’ just as it did when Windows 10 was first installed.  A few more minutes and the machine is ready to use.  I didn’t find anything broken as a consequence of the update but I wasn’t prepared for the time it would take to complete.

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