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For most businesses telephones and internet connection are essential. Ever faster broadband enables businesses to adopt Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.  VoIP allows businesses to use telephone services over their broadband rather than traditional landlines.  It offers new flexible options such as telephone number choice, migration of an existing number, adding more lines to add call capacity, voicemail and music on hold.  Businesses can then operate how they want, where they want and at a much lower cost.

We recently worked with one of our clients (Passcomm) to implement a VoIP service which replaced their existing telephone exchange (PBX) and BT landlines.  The end result is additional incoming lines, new call handling features , voicemail services and all at half their previous costs.

The big challenge for a growing business is knowing how and when to expand your communications; particularly when you start to employ more staff and expand to multiple locations. VoIP technology easily adjusts to your communication needs. If you need to add more employees, open new offices, increase workforce: it's simple and saves money!

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