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Do you have enough storage for your data/documents/files?  Have you got backups of your data?  From yesterday?  Do you have any away from site?  Do you have to remember to do your backups?  Can't find your USB stick?  Could you restore from the backup?  Who can access your data/files?

Storage of data combined with a reliable and robust backup routine should be a top priority.  Controlled access to data and files must be another.  Many people have good intentions about this but somehow never get round to it.

In these days of viruses, malware, ransomware and plain old hardware failure it is essential that data is safe and secure.  The loss of data to a business can have a dramatic impact on its viability or ability, time and cost to recover.  It doesn't matter if this loss is due to a single computer failing which happens to have key data on it or the theft of data due to poor access rights to key business data - the impact is the same.  Implementing a robust data storage method with appropriate security access combined with regular data backups both locally and remotely should be a priority for businesses of any size.

Have you considered that implementing a data storage methodology could have additional benefits for your business?  The ability to share files or data, control access to it,  access it when away from the office are just some of the ways a storage system could help your business.

As always there are many ways to achieve this .  You don't need an IT department to implement or manage data storage and backups.  However you may need advice on the best way to implement this for your business.  That's where we can help.  We can help you consider the options available, security requirements, ease of use and costs to find the right fit for your needs.

Some businesses may consider using the cloud for their storage.  Have you considered what happens when the internet is unavailable?  Do you have large volumes of data/files?  Who owns the data?  Who needs access to it?

Alternatively within a business or home where many people share data then the best way to store the data may be with a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.  These range in size, capacity and functionality and start from a low cost.  There are many features available within a modern NAS which makes them a great choice for businesses and home users alike.

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Data storage and security

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