Our Customers

Our customers operate in a wide field of disciplines.  Their businesses range from manufacturing to health services and media. They range in size from 1 to 30+ people, from a home-office to a bespoke IT environment across various sites.

In general, businesses contact us when they

  • are facing IT problems that are disrupting day to day business and generally creating headaches
  • need extra technology to support their expanding business
  • have concerns about security
  • have lost data and realise they have overlooked taking backups
  • are just starting out and need cost effective technology
  • need advice on how to use technology to deliver new business goals
  • need a fresh perspective on their existing technology
  • just need help!

If you can tick any of the above then get in touch to have a chat or book your IT Review.

We have worked with many of our customers over many years as their businesses have grown.  To find out more about our happy customers check out our case studies.

Case Studies

Passcomm provides telecoms solutions across a broad range of industries: transportation, utilities, oil and gas, tunnel signage and fibre-optic connectivity.

How we help Passcomm

Passcomm is a good example of a business that has added technology as its business demands and needs have developed.  Initially we specified an office based file server to retain and network their documents.  Over time this has been updated to a faster and more robust system, with additional servers providing on-site and off-site backups of all their data.  There has been an email server added so that all of their email is coordinated within their premises and with the addition of advanced firewall technology they now have highly secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) access from anywhere to their emails and their documents.  This access works on their laptops, home PCs, tablets and smartphones.  Most recently they have have implemented Voice over IP (VOIP) services which has provided more telephone lines, additional features and reduced their costs dramatically.

"Our IT system is vital to our business. It underpins the way we communicate with our customers and suppliers, prepare technical designs and how we manage our business. Computer Help Zone has helped us all the way from our early days working closely with us to upgrade our technology and services as we’ve grown. We can always rely on them to provide a fast response to any issues raised and we always have confidence in their value for money recommendations.

We have peace of mind knowing that our systems are secure, kept up to date and Computer Help Zone are working on our behalf."

David Waine MD


Hybrid Electrical Solutions specialises in LED design

How we help Hybrid Electrical Solutions

An engineering startup needed a very simple and cost effective solution to their documents and media storage and security.  We recommended a compact file server with redundant disk drives together with a local backup solution to ensure data integrity.  Data from their office PCs and Apple Mac machines can now be stored safely and robustly.  We monitor their file server and apply updates as required.

"Hybrid Electrical Solutions Ltd contacted Computer Help Zone with little to no knowledge on IT systems, from the initial conversation it was obvious that they had the knowledge base and service that would help our business.  They advised us on a number of options for our IT issues and offered competitive pricing on a bespoke solution.  Due to the level of service offered we decided to take on a maintenance package with Computer Help Zone, and with regular updates on our server and its functionality we are able to ensure our day to day business runs effectively and safe from IT issues. I would highly recommend to any business the services offered by Computer Help Zone."

Phil McCabe MD



Warrington Health Plus is a not-for-profit social enterprise made up of GP Practices.

How we help Warrington Health Plus

Early discussions enabled us to design and implement an IT system to support their team (30+ people) working from a new main office, from home and across other locations.  The solution included the provision of broadband services, specification of their whole network and the supply of network switches, wireless access point, firewall system, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), highly redundant and resilient file server and associated backup and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones.  This has since been expanded to include an additional site including off-site backup.  We tailored a managed IT service to support their ongoing needs.  This includes system and backup admin, Office 365 email management, ad hoc IT queries, VoIP provision and anti-virus admin.  The majority of day to day queries are dealt with via remote access software ensuring quick resolution of user issues.  Regular two-way communication through monthly updates and on-site meetings as required ensure we understand their current and future demands and offer timely advice.


"When we (Warrington Health Plus) were established we needed to set up an office and IT system that could be accessed by the team from various locations. We don’t need, or justify, a dedicated in-house IT team so we asked Computer Help Zone to help us. Their advice and professionalism got us up and running very quickly and at a much lower cost than we had originally expected. They handle the day to day system administration, backups, user management and security updates. All of the team find them very approachable and I would highly recommend them."

Alison Holbourn Chief Exec