Internet of Things

Some technology commentators hate the term but it’s established so we’ll have to live with it.  It’s another buzz term that’s been out there for a few years now and which is slowly gaining traction but what is it?

The ‘Things’ at the moment are devices that are connected to the internet and fulfil a particular role.  Light bulbs, smoke detectors, thermostats, security devices, fridges and animal feeders have all been released with internet connectivity.  However, the intelligence that links them to a particular building whether that’s an office or a home is located in the ‘cloud’ and the control of the devices is managed through smartphone apps.  The popular examples are lighting systems that can be programmed to come on at dusk and go off a few hours later or external lighting to switch on when someones smartphone is near to a building.  There are many examples and there are extensive control mechanisms available to get functionality (or gimmicks depending upon your point of view) out of them.  The best example of control software is IFTT (If This Then That) which takes inputs from internet connected devices and processes them to generate some other activity.

The adoption of this technology will rest on a company coming along with a killer product that drives the uptake. Until then it is going to be a slow process of acceptance and use.


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