GPON – What?

GPON or Gigabit Passive Optical Networking is the basis of FTTH (Fibre To The Home) and FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet).  How about considering fibre to the office?  If you thought this wasn’t possible then think again.  There are vendors out there who will supply an internet feed to a building, for example a suite of managed offices, and install fibre-optic cabling to the managed/rented office space.  With a bit of equipment connected to a high speed internet feed and a device just like a home router installed at each of the offices that’s all you need.

If you own or manage office space, industrial parks or student accommodation the benefits are

  • reduced cost to implement – the equipment is much lower cost than traditional network switches/routers
  • reduced cooling – the fibre-optic cabling runs through a passive (non-powered) splitter and then connects to the network equipment which requires no specialist cooling
  • multiple tiered bandwidth offerings – a client could commit to 30Mbs downstream and upstream whilst another would pay extra for 100Mbs downstream and upstream
  • no electrical interference to fibre-optic cables so no need to route fibre-optic cables away from power cabling – this makes the installation of fibre-optic infrastructure much easier
  • changes to configurations for clients e.g. bandwidth increase, can be made immediately without any system downtime
  • lower churn of clients – high performing internet bandwidth is key to client demands and if this is available then clients will be retained
  • higher occupancy rates – clients today seek high speed internet venues and this solution ticks the right boxes for them


There are several benefits to the client:

  • guaranteed downstream bandwidth
  • symmetric service capability  i.e. downstream AND upstream speeds are the same.  If a client needs to upload data such as media files or take advantage of cloud based backup services then this feature is vital
  • changing the internet bandwidth should demand arise is easy to manage


If you want to know more about GPON and how it could help your business then drop us a line or give us a call.